Free Fallin' / by Sushant Sreeram

Why is falling so scary?

Saw a middle-aged man trip and fall down on the road today. Nothing serious, he just tripped while walking, probably on a stone or his own shoelace, and fell down.

He wasn’t injured physically except for scrubbed palms. But it looked like he was pretty badly injured psychologically. He looked so embarrassed about falling down, so much so that he tried to pretend he was alright and was conscious of away from the concern of bystanders as soon as possible.

I have seen this behaviour so many times and I have begun to wonder - Why is there such social stigma around falling?

Is falling seen as a failure? Does that partly explain our fear of failing? Failing in maths, failing in the startup, failing in general?

The fact that you are able to get up in the morning from your bed and stand and balance yourself on two clunky feed [that used to hold on to trees till recently] is nothing short of a miracle!

Let’s enjoy the miracle of standing up. Every day. And let’s be ok when the miracle doesn’t occur and we fall. After all, if it happens every time like clockwork, it wouldn’t be a miracle would it?

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